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Description: Looking for this detective? Drop the gun blondie or I'll blow her head off! Good girl your dumbass partner here forgot her gun on the sink after her bathroom break! She got way too distracted talking and sending selfies of her ass in the mirror to your husband blondie! They had a very interesting conversation about your kinky threesome last night! Wow you partners are real close huh? Hey I was hiding in the bathtub behind the shower curtain watching you and overheard your cell phone call dumbass you didn't bother to even look there! You gave him your number bitch blondie said to her partner! Stop fighting you two! Both of you shut the fuck up and strip or I'll shoot you both now hurry up! Alrighty gasbags stuff those socks in your big mouths and tape those lips shut! Put those flex cuffs on your ankles then handcuff yourselves! Now get up girls hop your asses to the bedroom! You two are getting hogtied before I leave! Blondie get your ass on the bed! As for you dumbass hop into my bathtub hiding spot and sit quietly! I'll finish tying you up after I'm done with blondie here! I've got lots more zip ties and duct tape for the both of you two! Get comfy girls your not going anywhere tonight! Thanks for your guns, clothes and car you two have fun ta-ta!