Chrissy Daniels - Cuffed and chained in her kitchen

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Description: Pretty housewife cuffed and chained in her kitchen Pretty domestic housewife Chrissy Daniels sits on the floor in her kitchen with her hands locked in steel police cuffs behind her back around a leg of her kitchen table. Her husband had left her there like this to teach her a lesson. A chain is wrapped around her neck and throat pinning her head to the leg of the table. Her ankles are bound with chain and the chain is run between her legs and up to the table so she can't straighten her legs out. She struggles on the floor barely able to move without choking herself. He had silenced her with a large ball gag that is strapped between her teeth causing drool to flow down her chin and chest. She is albe to move the table around slightly but there is no escape. She will have to sit and wait for hours like this until her husband comes home to free her.