Freaky Fanboy from Hell

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Description: Gigi has always warned me that my crazy ways were going to eventually lead us into a heap of trouble. She was my manager, and she could see the chaos I was getting into. I was lured to a fan boys house by the promise of a pair of Gucci boots. I always wanted these boots, and they were no longer available anywhere. So when a fan boy told me he found them just for me I dragged GG to his house, and one thing led to another and before we knew it we were chair tied back to back at the crazy creep's mommy's house. Apparently there were no boots, and this crazed fan just wanted to get us alone to live out his fantasy of having two hot women tied up in his mama's basement. This was ludicrous, and Gigi didn't let me forget how I never listened to her, and how she demanded a raise for putting up with this shenanigan if we were ever to get free. Our arms were tightly bound together above our heads, and our ankles and thighs are tightly bound too! We are utterly defenseless from this lunatic. We are drenched in sweat but continue to plead for him to let us go. Gigi even tells him she will suck his dick. She is in pain, and her hands are turning a funky color. Every time we move we hurt the other person since we are tied so hellishly close together. Jim thinks we are making too much noise so he grabs a roll of duct tape and wraps it several times around our heads binding our heads together to shut us up. Then he laughs at our predicament as he slaps GG in the face, and then elbows us even tighter. I guess I will not be getting those damn boots!