Catburglar Captures Carissa

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Description: Pretty blonde bombshell Carissa Montgomery goes into the garage looking for the fuse box and is grabbed at knife point by a cat burglar dressed in a shiny tight black PVC catsuit. I drag her over to the punishment post and shove a dirty red shop rag into her big juicy mouth securing it in with layer upon layer of bright red vet wrap. I tell Carissa that I want to see her strip off the sexy blue sequin dress. She is scared to death and complies with my wishes. Carissa looks so fucking sexy in her leopard corset and black thigh high stockings. I rope up her wrists behind the post. Oh no missy!!!! Don't you dare try to untie those knots. Now your hands will be wrapped in tight silver duct tape. I force her to spread her legs and secure each foot down binding her stiletto high heels unto her feet. The poor dumb blonde is moaning and sobbing through her gag and I pull out her big huge tits. She is such a spoiled brat used to having people cater to her every whim by wiggling those tits around. Well bitch!!!! Not this time. I add a nice crotch rope pulling it deeply into her pussy and up through her ass cheeks. I've been watching you for a week and now your gorgeous diamonds and jewels are going to be mine mmissy!!! A few more pieces of rope to bind you tightly to the pole a whole lot of silver duct tape around your head binding it tightly to the post. Struggle and wiggle all you want darlin' - that will hold you and I'm off to get your jewels.