Fayth Catches a Burglar in the Act

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Description: I just finished robbing a house and tiptoe towards the door on my way out. Suddenly I am seized around the throat by a strong redhead female. She drags me back into the house and forces me up against the wall. Hands up she demands - hands over your head!! She begins to frisk me all over and she finds her bankroll and lots of her jewelry in my pockets. She quickly grabs some rope and ties my wrists together behind my back. I beg and try to negotiate with her, but she is too angry and she continues to tie me up adding a tight crotch rope which she yanks up so tight that it splits my pussy in two which the fiesty redhead secures to my wrists pinning them down against my ass. Fayth on Fire isn't anywhere nearly done with roping my body up and she ties my upper thighs tightly together. The rope is so tight I can barely stand upright, but she's not done. She adds another rope to my upper thighs and one below my knees and then more rope securing my ankles together. She gropes and frisks my body over and over while I beg for mercy. I'm sweating in my leather pants and I am truly scared of this crazy bitch. Please stop I cry out, but she ignores my pleas and keeps on adding more rope. Now my elbows are crushed together and my tits are in a chest harness - the rope is painfully tight and Fayth puts her hand over mouth before cleave gagging me so I can't scream. She manhandles my bound body feeling up my tits and ass before laying me down on the floor. Fayth is really pissed off and she adds one final piece of rope tying me in a tight hogtie tying my elbow rope to my ankles. She sits herself down on the sofa watching me and taunting me bound and gagged. Off she goes to get some coffee while I struggle helplessly in the tight bondage.