Italian Sultry Catburglar's Captive

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Description: I was left in the penthouse alone feeling safe so I let my henchmen go blow off some steam in town. The blue prints to the missile that we had stolen were going to make us a pretty tidy profit. The deal was all set for tomorrow as I sat on the terrace enjoying the warm Roman spring sunshine. My solitude was disturbed by a sound coming from the penthouse. I went to investigate, I thought that there was no way past my guards down stairs but I was wrong when I discovered that someone had been searching the penthouse suite. Before I could sound the alarm I was grabbed from behind and I smelled the leather glove that was suddenly clamped over my mouth keeping me quiet. It was a woman I realized immediately, she was quite strong and she had the drop on me. She dragged me out to the terrace where she produced a foul smelling sedative laced rag over my mouth and nose. I tried to hold my breath and fight back but I was winded in the struggle and I sucked in a dose of the chemical. It burned my lungs and I felt faint and weak. Before I knew it everything went black. I awoken later cruelly bound to a chair with the cat suited burglar sitting across from me with a sheepish grin on her face. I scream into my gag but nothing but a pitiful moan get past the brutal gag. I could feel the foul taste and felt the texture of a huge sponge that was stuffed into my mouth, spreading my jaws wide so that they were aching. She poured herself a glass of my wine and held the glass up to toast her conquest. I knew she was here for my stolen plans and I wasn't going to talk. She seemed to know everything including that my interior henchmen were out on the town. I pulled desperately at the ropes but they were cutting deep into my flesh and I could feel my elbows rub together behind the chair. I was helpless. I watch her finish her wine then she slips off her stiletto heels. The next thing I know her bare feet and creeping across my body. She puts her foot under my skirt and teases my pussy before walking her feet up my stomach and chest before sticking her smelly peds in my face. I try to scream but the gag is very effective. The sultry cat burglar continues to humiliate and dominate me with her bare feet. Finally she puts her heels back on and leaves me alone and helpless. Then I hear a scuffle inside the penthouse but have no idea what is happening.