She Should've Called the Real Cops

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Description: Busty blonde MILF Amanda Foxx had no idea she was being watched while she was getting out of her car at the strip mall. She left her purse in the trunk and forgot to lock it - she never noticed me watching. If only she had noticed, things might have been different. I follow her home and wait a bit before knocking on her door. I introduce myself as mall security and tell her I have her wallet and will return it but I need to ask her some questions. Dumb bimbo is so relieved that she invites me in. Once I determine the big tit blonde is here alone I pull a gun on her and force her to strip down exposing her big natural tits and leaving her in her fancy fishnet stockings. I quickly tie her wrists together behind her back. Poor Amanda is blindsided and shaking in fear as I march her into the garage. You dummie - you think for the lousy $10 bucks an hour the mall pays, I'm not on the take for indentity theft and you're the perfect candidate - no husband no family no one to notice you missing. Amanda begins to cry and whimper and her blue eyes widen when I shove a rag deeply into her mouth and wrap elastic bandage around and around her pretty face effectively silencing her. I attach her bound wrists to another rope and jack her bound arms up into a strappado. You will tell me where the rest of your ID is missy or it is all downhill from here!! She knew she was in trouble now but the stubborn thing just whimpers. I add more rope to crotch splitting her hot pussy in two then bind her knees together tightly. One rope rope slamming her slender ankles together before binding her big tits in a nice chest harness. I leave the bitch struggling and moaning in her bondage and go off to search her home. Unfortunately for miss Amanda I located her fat bank account. I laugh as I throw another stolen ID on the floor - a bald man. Awww sweetie this isn't going to end well for you and ooopps the cops will find the bald man's ID and he will be arrested for this crime while I'm traveling the world on your money. I remove her gag and wrap my hands around her throat squeezing ... oh Amanda - you should've called the real cops!!!