Explosive situation

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Description: One evening in a five star hotel in Philadelphia. CIA agents Amber and Cleo were ambushed by a KGB agent Natasha who had plans to tie them up and steal their EMP intel! In the middle of making Amber and Cleo strip by gun point Natasha’s plans sure did change! When two female SSD agents from South Korea interrupted Natasha’s bondage party! There’s some people behind you! Agent Amber tried to warn Natasha! Ha-ha nice one dumbass American hurry up ladies I don’t have all day Natasha said to the agents! All the sudden one of the SSD agents pistol whipped Natasha in the back of her head! She fell to the floor unconscious! Now the two SSD agents were in charge of the situation! Lose the bras bitches and strip that whore too the SSD agent ordered Amber and Cleo! She’s joining your bondage party laughed the SSD agent! Natasha was awakened by one of the SSD agents slapping her face! Natasha quickly realized her predicament and was no longer in charge! Natasha had been stripped, gagged and tied up in the middle of the two CIA agents! All the three helpless girls could do was watch the SSD agents booby trap them in a explosive situation! The SSD agents laughed and waved goodbye to the three as they left the hotel room with the CIA secret EMP intel in their possession!
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