Now Sit Down!

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Description: It was a typical Friday night at Lieutenant Fox’s luxurious house on the military base. Every Friday the Lieutenant liked to order take out sushi for herself and her personal bodyguards Amber and Kelly. For her long week of hard work! The Lieutenants hard work week consists of mani-pedis and shopping! Also having sex with the General when his wife was at yoga class! As the Lieutenant was in her bedroom getting ready for her Friday night out her bodyguards where watching tv in her living room. There was a knock at the door and Kelly jumped up to answer it excited for the food! Two minutes later she came back to the living room holding the food bags with a strange look on her face! What’s wrong with you Amber asked? That’s when she noticed a woman behind her pointing one of their assault rifles at her back! Don’t fucking move or make a sound or I’ll execute you both! Now strip!! As Amber and Kelly were stripping she pulled out zip-tie cuffs from the food bags and threw them on the floor! Now sit your asses down! The woman made them zip-tie cuff their ankles themselves! Then ordered Amber to zip-tie cuff Kelly’s hands behind her back! Good girl now lay on your stomach and put your hands behind your back! She then zip-tie cuffed Amber’s hands! Then checked and tighten their cuffs so there was no chance of escape! Please don’t kill us Amber and Kelly begged the woman! Do as your told! Now get up on your feet she ordered Amber and Kelly! As they got up she made them each carry a food bag even though they were zip-tie cuffed! Now let’s go get the Lieutenant girls single file hop to it! They both started to hop single file to the Lieutenants bedroom! When they got there the woman knocked on the door and whispered to Kelly what to say! What is it the Lieutenant replied? Foods here Lieutenant Kelly said as the woman had her gun to the back of her head! When the Lieutenant opened her door the woman was pointing her assault rifle at her over the two bodyguards shoulders! Don’t fucking move bitch put your hands behind your head and back up! Let’s go you two hop on in the party just starting! Now strip you two sit down! The woman made the Lieutenant strip and tied her up tightly as well! She then searched the Lieutenants bedroom and found all of her jewelry and cash! When she was done she put it all into the Lieutenants briefcase! The Lieutenant and her gaurds sat helplessly on the bedroom floor and watched her! Ok now back to the party the woman said! She then pulled out sponges, black duct tape and three pairs of thong underwear from the food bags! One by one she packed their mouths with a sponge ball and tape gagged then panty hooded them! First she did Kelly then Amber! When she was gaging and panty hooding Lieutenant Fox the woman told her the Generals wife sends her regards! She also found your thongs and wanted me to return them to you! Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph!! The woman just laughed at them! Then she went to the Lieutenants pantyhose drawer and pulled out a new pair! She then slipped them on and changed into the Lieutenants uniform! Now get your asses up and start hopping single file back to the living room now!! The three girls got up fast and started hopping single file to the living room! The woman followed from behind carrying the briefcase and pointing her gun at them! Now sit down on the couch and be quiet! You three are going on a long boat trip! Your boat departure is in two hours so we’re going to have to kill some time. Here let me put a movie on for you girls. The woman then looked through the Lieutenants dvd collection. What’s this Bondage Insurance starring Stacy Burke perfect! Wow you’re a kinky bitch I bet that’s why the General likes you so much! Mmmph, mmmph!! Yes you are bitch! Now shut up and spread out on that couch girls! Keep your fucking eyes on the tv or I’ll execute all of you! The Lieutenant and her gaurds did what they were told and sat quietly and watched the movie! The woman then sat back on the recliner chair and watched them like a hawk! When the movie ended it was time to go! She made them hop single file out to the garage! When they were in the garage she chloroformed them! The woman then loaded the three passed out girls into the trunk of the Lieutenants car and grabbed the briefcase! Then drove them off-base to the marina where she sold them
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