Hurry up Mom!

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Description: When Ms. Soprano wanted revenge on the rival mob boss that killed her husband! Ms. Soprano wanted her daughter Meadow to testify in court. Against the rival mob boss who killed her husband! Ms. Soprano wasn’t going to put her life in danger! But she had no problem putting her daughters life at risk! Meadow refused to do what her mother had planned! Ms. Soprano didn’t care for her daughters refusal since she was just a minor! So Ms. Soprano called Bosley and hired the Charlie angels! She wanted them to take her daughter to a safe house and protect her. Then she could have a detective meet them there for Meadows testimony for court! When the angels arrived at the Soprano residence Meadow was mad! She still was refusing to do what her mother wanted! The angels introduced themselves to Meadow hi I’m Natalie and their my partners Dylan and Alex. Don’t worry Meadow everything is going to be alright! Good said Ms. Soprano call me when you’re at the safe house. Alrighty girls I’m going shopping do what the angels say Meadow bye said Ms. Soprano. What the fuck mom you’re going shopping! Ms. Soprano just smiled and left! Alright Meadow go pack a suitcase we’re going to be gone for a while Natalie said. Ok here let me put the tv on for you girls Meadow said. As the angels sat in the living room and watched tv Meadow went upstairs to pack. After a half hour passed and Meadow was still upstairs Natalie started to get worried. Let me go check on Meadow said Natalie as she went upstairs. Five minutes later did you here that Alex said? Here what Dylan replied! It sounded like a soft gun shot! Wow you’re hearing things Alex it’s just the tv Dylan laughed! A couple minutes later Natalie came walking down stairs! She was tape gagged and stripped down to her bra and pantyhose! Carrying two suitcases and also wearing a backpack as Meadow followed behind pointing a gun at her back! What the fuck is going on Meadow Alex said! Drop the gun no more games we’re here to protect you Alex said! Shut the fuck up Meadow said then fired a shot at Alex’s feet! Alright bitches strip Now!! Or I’ll execute your partner! Alex and Dylan did what they were told! Now put the suitcases down bimbo! Now all of you put your hands behind your head! Let’s go girls single file to the basement move! The angels did what they were told as Meadow followed from behind with her gun! Alright bimbo take the backpack off and take out your tie up game supplies! Now start tying up your dumbass partners to that poll! After Natalie was done tying up Alex and Dylan! Meadow ordered her ordered to sit on the floor! Now handcuff your feet then your hands behind your back! When she was done Meadow put some finishing touches on her three captives peril! She then left them in the basement and went upstairs! Just as she got upstairs her mom just got back from shopping. We’re the angels? Oh their tied up at the moment! What do you mean Meadow? Oh their tied up in the basement then Meadow pulled out her gun and fired a shot at her moms feet! Change of plans mom you’re joining them! Now put your hands behind your head and walk to the basement let’s go! When they got to the basement Ms. Soprano was mad! I thought you were the best!! You three got tied up by a minor! Shut the fuck up mom! Now strip let’s go! As she was stripping Meadow pulled out more bondage supplies from the backpack! Soon Ms. Soprano suffered the same fate as the angels! She was tightly hogtied and gagged on the floor and attached to a poll away from the angels! Meadow then left them all in the basement! Then got her suitcases full of her moms jewelry and her dads cash stash and loaded up her moms car and went to the airport! As she was airborne flying out of the country she called the rival mob boss! She told him her moms plan! Also the backdoor was unlocked and the four of them were tied up in the basement! Oh yeah tell your men the grenade is fake! The mob boss appricated the tip and promised Meadow he would not go looking for her! As she hung up the phone sipping on wine in first class! Meadow laughed to herself thank god I gagged that bitch before she noticed the fake grenade and could warn the angels! A short time later the mob boss sent his best cleaner over to the Soprano house! Well, well what do we got here I’m going to have some fun tonight! Mmmmph, mmmph, mmmmph, mmmph!!! The man then chloroformed them one by one and loaded the girls into his van! He then drove them to a pig farm the mob boss owned! At the farm he had very rough sex with the four helpless girls as they were tied up and gagged! Then he shot all four in the back of the head! The man then chopped them up and fed the pigs! When he was done he called the mob boss! Jobs done boss I fed the pigs no more Carmela and the Charlie angels! I can’t wait to tell Johnny those three bitches that got him locked up finally got theirs!
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