Hop to it

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Description: Partners alt ending. Just as the fugitive was about to hogtie blondie! Mmmph, mmmmph! Hey dumbass I told you to sit quietly the fugitive said! She was just trying to warn them about the young bounty hunter standing behind them pointing a shotgun with a silencer right at the fugitives back! Freeze bitch don't even think about it I'll blow your fucking head off! Take off your fucking clothes now!! Dumbass get out of the tub and hop your ass over to the bed! The young bounty hunter then flex cuffed, tape wrapped and zip tied the fugitive! Now let's get you two extra snug then she tightened their flex cuffs and began to tape wrapped and zip tied the detectives! Oh shut up whore you're caught and in my custody now! You talk to much open wide sweetie the whole sponge ball going in good girl! Now close your fucking lips and wait for your tape! Now don't go anywhere girls I'll be right back! Five minutes later she returned to all three girls struggling to escape mmmph, mmmmph, mmmmph! Oh you're not getting out of those flex cuffs whores I tightened the fuck out of them! Now girls get the fuck up and start hopping to the living room! Hop to it bitches single file let's go! Blondie lead the way the three girls began hopping angrily single file to the living room! As the bounty hunter followed from behind pointing her shotgun at them! Now sit your asses down in front of the couch! I've got some going away presents for you three! One by one she tightly ball tied and vacuum sealed each struggling girl in a trash bag! Now that's where you trashy whores belong! I've got one more thing planned for you amateurs! The bounty hunter then put the detectives side by side and tape wrapped and zip tied them together! They had no chance of escaping! All they could do was watch the bounty hunter tightly tape wrap and zip tie the angry fugitive to a hand cart! Mmmph, mmmmph!! Now, now don't you two be salty you had your chance but you fucked it up! She then wheeled the fugitive out the front door right into her prisoner transport van! Mmmmph oh stop squirming whore your not getting out of the bag until we're at the police station! Get comfy it's going to be a long ride across a couple of state lines! The bounty hunter said as she wheeled the fugitive up a board into the back of her van! She just left her tape wrapped and zip tied to the hand cart! As the bounty hunter drove off she gave two beeps from her horn to taunt the two struggling inside! The end.
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