Caught the catcher

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Description: The young bounty hunter thought she just bagged another easy money big bounty! Just as she got done stripping and tying up her captured fugitives she reached for her shotgun! Looking for this a man said? Then hit her in the head with the butt of her shotgun knocking her out! When she woke up she noticed she's been stripped, gagged and hogtied in her van cage with the two fugitives! The man drove for hours until he reached a private boat dock! Suddenly the van stopped and the man opened the van door and cut just the zip ties that hogtied the girls get out of the van now! He then waved the bounty hunters shotgun at them and told them to start hopping to the boat! The girls started hopping down the dock to the boat as the man followed slowly from behind with the shotgun! That's it keep going hop your asses up boat ramp good girls! Keep hooping below deck that's where you'll be spending the voyage! He then hogtied them again and pantyhose hooded all three girls! One by one he stuffed a chloroform soaked rag into the pantyhose hood tightly to their noses! Oh sweetie no need to wear these gloves anymore here let me take them! The only thing you'll be wearing is pantyhose! I'm going to fuck you first bounty hunter the man said as he patted her ass mmmmph, mmmmph!! Time for your nap as he stuffed the chloroform rag into the bounty hunters pantyhose hood snug to her nose mmmmmph, mmmmmph!!!