Lip lock

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Description: So close yet so far away ending! As the agent approached the couch in the dark what are you two making out? Suddenly the lights turned on and she saw her partners tied up! What's this some kind of joke? Surprise! Who are you? I'm in charge that's who I am! What are you some kinky bitch Becky? Oh I've got something for your mouth sweetie! Soon the angry agent was forced to strip and suffered the same fate as her partners! When the woman had control over all three agents she made a phone call. Listen up bitches we have an hour to kill until you get picked up! Hope you like boat rides because your going on a long one! Now you two lip lock again and don't stop until your told to or I'll kill you all! Since you were so into watching them kiss you can enjoy the sexy show too as I eat your dinner! Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph!! After I'm done eating I'm going to spank the living shit out of your ass and pretty feet Beyoncé! Mmmph, mmmph, mmmmph!!! Oh your welcome sweetie now sit back and relax enjoy the show!