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About me: I won't deny any friend requests, but I won't accept unless you put some effort into a request. Have a video (try to do better than 30 sec free samples), pics, message, say hi or something nice. And no bullshit like "I have videos" then not having videos or "I'm still figuring out how to put up vids" despite being on for several months. I don't care if you have videos or not, just no bullshit. Not into hardcore, feet pulled to back of head type bondage, but I like pretty girls tied tied tight, but still comfortable(ish), preferably wearing spandex, tights, leggings, yoga pants, and/or boots. Chairties and hogties are the best Also of note, bondage videos are a business. The videos I put up are samples, but don't forget to go to these sites and purchase some so they can continue to make them.

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