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Country: New Zealand
City: Marvel Land
Joined: 2 years ago
Gender: Male
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Posted: 78 videos , 2 albums
Age: no info
Sexual orientation: Straight
Favourites: 3631 videos , 2 albums
About me: I am just a guy who is a fan of bondage women with gags in their mouths, no more, no less. I will add anybody whether or not they have videos. I am not that type of person who has a ridiculous set of rules to whether or not you're going to add the person as a friend, because the people and you know who you are (*ahem* BoundRuler and other people I can't name right now.) are full of shit. The rules that they set up are bullshit, trash and hypocritical as fuck, it's not even funny. They even try to justify the situation which is completely sad. So fuck those types of people that does this shit and expect you to have the video that they're searching for and/or interested in or no add. I am not wasting my time with these people. We are a family that shares the thing that we love and especially if someone found a video that they were long searching for, but instead, it's behind a private wall (Person/dickhead: "You got to have this or you got to complete that or no add." ) and your chances would be thrown to the wayside (That's if they don't add you or come up with stupid tasks.). I for one will not leave my shit on private and expect something in return so you can be added. So the following people with these crazy stupid ass rules, again, go fuck yourselves... Anyways, go on and add your boy if you want to. I'll add back in vice versa. However, if I add you, YOU BETTER AS ALL HELL ADD ME BACK! ALL ABOARD!!!!8-) Update Note: I'm not trying to tell all of you guys to unprivate your videos but don't be a dick head making up some ridiculous bullshit about having your requirements being met and justifying it in the process. DO NOT WASTE OUR TIME WITH THAT SHIT! It doesn't make sense and it'll never will. Thank You and You're Welcome. Second Update Note: This is the first time that this has ever happened to me and let it be the last. If you are a teenager whether if you are boy or girl posting teen bondage like dudeman831, which is also a teen, LEAVE THIS WEBSITE IMMEDIATELY!!!!:getlost::getlost::getlost: Telling me that I'm a pedophile. First of all, why the hell are you even on this site in the first place?!?! It's not for y'all. NO TEENS ALLOWED! Y'all got me fucked up because I don't be on that pedo shit, AT ALL! I'm letting you all know this now because this is crazy as fuck! Again, let this be the LAST time this ever happens. Absolutely ridiculous....