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Description: A man has Chichi tied down to a chair. At first she was very scared. But Chichi has a dark fantasy that involves her being tied up and gagged by someone and have him do naughty things to her. Now with this being a real situation, she is extremely turned on. When the man comes back and starts to add more rope, she begs him to let her go. She even suggests he take her into her bedroom to have hi way with her. But then he stuffs and tapes a pair of panties in her mouth to gag her. Now Chichi can hardly control herself and she becomes desperate for a man. She will do anything to get the man to play with her. But being bound and gagged makes it difficult to get what she wants. When the man is ready to go, he comes back to find Chichi has somehow got her top down to expose her great big tits. The man is very tempted, but he does not want to risk being caught. So he leaves her like this. Struggling tied up and gagged on the chair, and very turned on.