Two girls have fun with the rope

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Description: Christy has just broken up with her boyfriend. She tells Sahrye, her best friend that she never wants to be with a man a again. But Sahrye tells her that she just has not found the right guy. She tells Christy that she has learned some new things and if she tried them on her, Christy would be begging for a man in no time. Christy does not believe her and the 2 girls make a bet. Sahrye brings out some rope and soon she has Christy bound and ball gagged. Then she pulls Christy\'s boobs out of her bra and hogties her. She also crotch ropes her and soon Christy is moaning with pleasure. Sahrye starts to tug on the rope and things get Christy really going. So Sahrye calls up a guy she knows and asks him to come over to take care of Christy. When she hangs up and starts to play with her captive friend, Christy loses it and has a very loud orgasm.