Taping Up the Competition

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Description: Realtor Angie Blackwell did nothing wrong. It's not her fault that she picked up a few clients that used to deal with her biggest competitor Gina Rae. At least, that's how Angie sees it. Unfortunately, Gina Rae looks at it as stealing them away and is furious with her. Gina waits and watches as Angie leaves the offices and heads home. Gina grabs her outside her apartment, gagging her and binding her wrists. She drags Angie inside begins to tape her up tightly on camera. Gina uses massive quantities of tape to make sure Angie isn't going to get out anytime soon while ranting about her poor work ethics. The whole while Angie protests and she can see that Gina is getting more and more angry. She tries to explain that it was just business and nothing personal but this seems to push Gina over the edge. Gina pulls down her own well worn panties and slips them off. She has heard enough of Angie's explanation and it's time to shut her up for good. She packs the panties tightly in Angie's mouth and uses bunches of sticky duct tape to hold them in. Angie is still trying to gag talk her way of out this one.