My Ex Comes Unexpected

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Description: I came out of the bathroom when I heard a knock on the door! I thought it was my boyfriend, but it was really my ex! He must have been mad he was dumped! He comes in and throws me on my table! I struggle but with no success of getting away from this jerk! He puts his hand over my mouth to quiet my screams! He stuffs my mouth with a ball of some sort, and tapes it closed! My poor mouth is stretched to the brink! No compassion! He smacks my ass, and cracks my toes! Then he mummifies me with this black plastic wrap he brought with him! He starts wrapping my wrists and moves up my body with it. Its so tight! He wraps my ankles next! I try and kick him but miss, and he gets more mad that I tried to assault him! I roll into a sitting up position when he walks away for a moment. he's sadistic and wants me to think about my predicament! He's not even close to being done yet! He wraps my tits next confining me more, and much tighter! He wraps it all the way down my belly! How much wrap is he going to use? OMG! He adds it all the way up and down my legs, and enough just isn't enough! To add insult to injury every time I move to try and get away the table tips! I am so afraid of falling on the hard concrete floor! He has the nerve to pick up me up off the ground to wrap my ass, and the rest of me! Now my hands are totally taped and useless to me too! I have no sense of balance. My shoulders are wrapped next completing this brutal neck to toe mummification. There's so many layers by the end of his brutal mummification I can't move at all!