She Was Watching Me

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Description: She had been watching her for days. She knew Amanda loved laying out around the pool. The same time everyday Amanda would go lay out and take a nap in the warm Florida sun. One sunny day it was time to have fun with Amanda. The women got through the fence and hid behind a shed in the back yard. She knew Amanda would be out soon. She watched her come out and get settled back in her lounger. She waited for her to go to sleep. She sneaks up through the yard to make her move. Before Amanda could even react she had her subdued. The women hogties her on the lounger to admire her sexy body. At one point she spines the lounger around and threatens that she will throw her in the pool tied up if she doesn't cooperate. Amanda is scared and does what the women asks. All she can do is struggle as the women sets back and admires her handy work.