Bounty Hunter and Fugitive

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Description: Bounty hunter Madalynn Raye has tracked down a fugitive named Sahrye. If she can bring her in, it will be a huge pay day. But Sahrye isn't going easy and when Madalynn tries to take her down, there is a big cat fight. But she is finally able to overpower her and to make sure she cannot get away, Madalynn hogties her. A short time later, a man arrives and Madalynn thinks he has been sent to collect Sahrye. But he too is a bounty hunter who is after Sahrye. Only he is from another part of the country and needs to sneak her out of the state she is in. The man grabs Madalynn and overpowers her too. After he ties her up, the man gags Sahrye. He doesn't want her making any noise as she is transported in the trunk of his car. Then to make sure he has plenty of time before Madalynn can alert her friends and come after him, the man gags her by stuffing and taping her mouth. He also hogties her so she can not move too far. Finally when the man is done securing the rival bounty hunter, he takes Sahrye out of her hogtie and lifts her to her feet. He then makes his escape with her bucking and kicking bound and gagged over his shoulder.