Jordan Berlin collection 01

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Description: part 1 of a tribute to my favourite bondage model, Jordan Berlin. i just love everything about her. not only is she an extraordinarily beautiful woman, she also is a hell of an actress - just look at how much effort she expends in struggling against her bonds. the only wasted thing is that other producers never got her hands on her (literally). i love AES, but wish that someone like P@ragon or Ant0n would have worked with her and released a video of just her being fondled in bondage for two hours. i mean, just look at her in this clip! if you don't want to molest that spectacular helpless body, you're a much stronger person that i. Ken Sc0tt must have crazy willpower to not indulge himself, that's all i'm saying. anyway i'm rambling. more of me going on about Jordan's amazing attributes in future instalments. as usual, better videos will be kept private.
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