Business Owner's Daughter Tied Up and Taken Away

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Description: Sahrye knows her dad's business is failing so she drops out of college to come and help out. She doesn’t know that he has taken out a big loan with the wrong type of people and defaulted on when a big job didn’t come through. They know all about her though…She is working late. They come in and tie her up, manhandle her, try to find out where some money might be hidden. Turns out there is still some college fund left. Good news for them. They stuff her mouth and wrap her head with an ace bandage cleave gag. They let her struggle about in her chair and then the floor and then they force her to hop clear across the shop. When she tires out, the man picks her up and puts her over the shoulder. They open the back door and shove her into their car, hogtie her and then wrap electrical tape around her gag to keep it in and take off driving. Daddy will come up with money for his precious girl….