Copy Catburglar's Demise

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Description: I decide to take the new young cat burglar out of a trial run. She's been copying me and in the paper getting notoriety for the local robberies. I tell her that I will teach her my technique and when we team up we will be indestructible. We are both dressed in full length shiny black catsuits and stiletto boots as we enter through the glass doors. The dumb bitch believes me. I take her to a home to practice and I immediately blindfold her saying that this will teach her to creep quietly around into the homes she burglarizes. She begins to tip toe as I instruct and I grab her into a choke hold placing my blade across her neck!!! Get down bitch - no more copy cat burglar in my world!!!! I bend her over the couch crushing her elbows together painfully behind her back. The young thing is scared now and she resists as I shove a wad of my rope into her big mouth wrapping her head with silver duct tape. She begins to struggle and buck so I sit on her and remove her blindfold. So sweeting are you gonna copy me again? I unnzip her shiny black catsuit and pull out those ripe D tits. I fondle her big real breasts and manhandle her a bit laughing in her precious litte face. Awwwww darlin' maybe you can be my copy cat play toy??? I bind her ankles and boots tightly and render her unable to get off the floor. Here you go missy - a nice tight crotch rope giving you a tiny figure 8 body and making your ass look so pretty and sexy split in two. I like giirls with a camel toe. Finishing off with a hogtie so poor copy cat Lela Beryl is unable to do anything but moan through her gag and roll around the floor. Let's see - what to do now? I rest my stilletto booted feet on her bound body and I 911 her!!!!