Curvy Secretary Home Invaded

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Description: Coming home from the office, Caroline was jumped by a man who invaded her home. He makes her walk halfway up her stairs, where he zip ties her to the stair case He also ties a knotted rag between her teeth to gag her. He leaves her there as he goes off to get sometime to tie and secure her better. Left alone now, Caroline struggles hard to get herself free. But this turns out to be a waste of her time. Because a short time later, the man returns with rope and tape. He uses the rope to tie the captive secretary much more secure. He also re-gags her by stuffing her mouth with panties and then taping them in very tightly. Caroline is then left to struggle bound and gagged as the man goes off to ransack the place. Caroline tries her best to get loose. But she is tied her tight and the only thing she manages to do is get herself downstairs. She is very close to her front door, but we all know, close is only good in "horseshoes and hand grenades"