Nix Nepenthe - Stuff a sock in her mouth!

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Description: Nix is at home on her phone when there is a knock at her door. When she hangs up and answers the door, a man claiming to be from maintenance tells her that he needs to check her electrical outlets and she lets him in. Only he really is not a maintenance man, he is here to ab-duct Nix and hold her for ransom. He grabs her and forces her to the floor where he ties her up. Nix protests and demands to be let go. When she threatens to scream, the man pulls off one of her socks and stuffs it in her mouth. He then pulls out a roll of duct tape from his tool box and tapes her mouth shut. To make things a more interesting he pulls Nix's blouse open and adds more rope around her chest and arms. He then starts to fondle Nix's big tits through her pretty black bra. After a while he leaves Nix as he goes off to make the ransom call to her rich father. Nix knows she has to get away. She struggles wildly to get loose. Then she notices her cell phone and works her way onto her knees so she can try to make a call for help. When she makes a call, using her nose to dial she is able to make a connection. She starts trying to holler through the gag, but the man returns and takes the phone away from her. He then puts of back on the floor and pulls her bra down.
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