Lady Takers Chapter 3-Lola's Parole Officer.

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Description: Lola is now living with her new friend Max in his big house. The video begins with her talking to him on the phone about their last job where she and Max, tied up and gagged Dixie, Lola's ex-room mate, and sold her off to one of Max's buyers. When Lola hears how much money they made, she tells Max that they need to go find another girl. Just then the door bells rings. And when Lola answers, she finds Caroline Pierce, her parole officer at the door. Caroline has been looking for Lola because she has failed to report in for her mandatory appointment. Caroline informs Lola that she was not suppose to move out of the county without first getting permission for her parole officer. She then advises Lola that she is going to have to take her in. But just as Caroline starts to call her office, Lola grabs her and over powers her. When Caroline cannot resist, Lola ties her up with rope. Caroline tries to talk Lola into letting her go. But Lola shuts her up by stuffing and taping a gag in her mouth. A short time later, Max gets home to find Lola with the bound and gagged parole officer in his living room. He scolds Lola and tells her that she cannot just grab someone, tie them up and sell that easy. "This isn't the way things work!" he tries to explain to her. But realizing, that Caroline now knows too much and they cannot let her leave, Max decides to help Lola get rid of her. Using more rope, he crotch ropes and hogties Caroline. They then leave her struggling with her tits out as Max and Lola go off to find a buyer for their newest captive
Models: Caroline Peirce