117 - Hemp Me!

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Description: It's Japanese bondage, Jay Edwards-style! There's no plot here, just three stunningly beautiful women, mostly nude, barefoot, and tightly bound in rough, coarse hemp rope. The look and technique is Asian but the execution is pure Jay: clean, strict and secure with lots of nipple-biting clamps and fat, mouth-filling gags. Breathtakingly beautiful Heather starts us off body-harnessed and bound to a chair with her legs spread wide. Various clamps and gags have her moaning and groaning but the vibrator Jay slips under her knotted crotchrope REALLY gets her attention. Gorgeous Cheyenne returns to Jay's tight embrace in three asymmetrical ties that test her balance and strength. For her first two positions she (partially) wears a silky pink kimono and is later stripped naked for her final tie. Her sweet whimpers and moans show us the strain that Jay's demanding bondage puts on her body. Finally, we are treated to four scenes of super-sexy blonde Sharon. Her perfect, tanned body is rendered helpless by inescapable coils of hemp. She's even fully suspended!