133 - Corset Bound Slaves

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Description: Jay carries the partially bound busty blonde into his abandoned warehouse lair and immediately goes to work on her, locking a slave collar around her neck to foreshadow her fate. She struggles amid her confusion and concern as Jay manhandles her huge tits and grabs at her ass cheeks. Now strictly laced into a satin corset with stockings and high heels, Sharon struggles through an astounding trial of tight ties, huge gags and terrific clamps. The ropes run between her thighs are hoisted sharply and she's touched on her most tender areas. Just when it seems she couldn't possibly take any more, we see that her attitude has shifted -- the complaining captive has been transformed into the purring pet. Incredible footage of an incredible submissive! Attired in a pretty red corset with matching stockings and heels, lovely brunette Heather rounds out the program with three sexy scenes. This lady is gorgeous! This lady is hot! She enjoys Jay's signature super-tight bondage and rough treatment with sweet whimpers and breathy struggling. Whenever Jay removes her gag she eagerly kisses and nuzzles him. Wow!