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Description: Follow along on the exploits of a pimp from the very ugly near future. On the street they call him Robopimp, and he's one bad mother. After having his penis blown off in the Russo-American war of 2010, Robopimp is a disabled vet with a serious attitude problem. Part man but totally machine where it counts, Robo got his nickname cause he sports a twenty inch cybernetic hard on just perfect for turnin' out a passel of reluctant ho's. Along with his robot side kick, Felix, watch as Robo deals with 2 of his girls who have decided to go outlaw and not pay for his "services" anymore. First, pretty redhead Kiki is attacked in her apartment while turning a trick. After bursting in and wasting her john with his spurting dick still in her mouth, poor Kiki is tightly bound and gagged with a phone cord and her panties, then beaten senseless while having hot wax dripped on her nubile body. Not satisfied she's yet learned her lesson, the pretty hooker then gets butt plugged with Robo's nasty 2-foot pimpstik before taking a load in the face. Kiki quickly learns her ass belongs to Robopimp, and that ass better pay up. Next, Robo goes to his pimp crib to meet with big titted Candi, another outlaw who needs an obedience lesson. She is bound, gagged, and viciously beaten before being turned over to Robo's mechanical assistant Felix, a surplus G2 interrogation robot used during the war that has been reprogrammed to train hookers for sexual servitude. Uppity Candi will be Felix's bitch now. And if Candi thought Robopimp was bad, she will quickly discover Felix is far worse. You're not going to find girls this beautiful, villains this evil or action this weird anywhere else. This is adult horror at its finest! Starring Bridgette Bayonne, Lisa Kinkaid, and Zed Black.